Multiple Joint Rollers

Grinding, mixing and rolling the perfect cone takes a little time and a little practice and while maybe the weed purist may insist on doing it all by hand, the vast majority of us would gladly take a little help, and help is at hand. There are now very cool grinding and mixing devices available however most are nothing more than glorified coffee bean grinders that will indeed do a job, but not the whole job, and should you be looking for the perfect cone every time then you'll be wanting something with a few more features, features such as a built in scale and of course a rolling mechanism.

The Jroll x10 does all of the above and a little bit more as this great grinder, mixer and multiple joint roller has you covered from all angles. So simple to use, easy to clean and able to grind, mix and roll 10 cones at a time, the Jroll is not only functional but looks great too. Loading your mix is easy and up to 10 grams will be ground to perfection in seconds, with the digital scale letting you know the exact weight, and once done, a press of a button delivers a smooth smoking cone.

Up to 10 pre rolled cones can be loaded to the Jroll x10 at a time and the LED display lets you know how many are remaining and should you wish to take your joint to go then you can pop it in a very cool Jtube for safe transport.

And now for the pretty unreal part...the Jroll App. With the Jroll grinder connected to the app you may remotely roll your joints. Imagine heading home and having a machine roll you a smoke ready for your that's technology!